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Enrichment Night / Craft Projects

(Enrichment projects are used by church and other groups to provide a craft element to an activity.)

We offer these projects at large order discounts to accommodate Enrichment Night or Craft Night events. To order these for your event contact me by e-mail at


Click to enlarge pictures                                        *Only lettering can be shipped*                                 

Nativity Blocks $12.00 - set of 3

Blocks not included

Famly Name Tiles $12.00

Lettering only $10.00

Be Tile $6.00

Lettering only $4.00

Magnet Recipe Holder $10.00

Lettering only $4.00

Magnet Frame $10.00

Lettering only $4.00

(Many styles and sayings available - see products and ideas)

Wise Men Tile $10.00

Lettering only $8.00

(includes ribbon)

Magnet Board $20.00

Lettering only $8.00

Families are Forever board


12 X 12 Tile with choice of saying


Nine B's


Word Blocks


Small Glass Blocks


(without ribbon or decorations)

(Many different styles available)

Lighted Glass Blocks


(Without ribbon or decorations)

Any Board with

Any Saying

$12 - $18

Established Boards


Family Home Evening Board


Lettering only $12




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